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Traditional Rangoli in Diwali

October 27, 2008

Diwali is festival of light, there is believe that on day Goddess Lakshmi comes to our home to bless us. It’s a way to invite Goddess Lakshmi for Lakshmi Puja at our homes. Rangoli is an expression of warm hospitality.

So each and every corner of the home is being cleared and decorated and lighted. People decorate there home with colorful Rangoli and Diyas and candies.

Rangoli with Diyas and candies

The rangoli is type of decorating floor and walls. Rangoli are made in door steeps to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, friends and relatives.

Rangoli made in Door Steeps

The type of rangoli changes with the reason wise.

There are many thing uses in making rangoli like white stone, colors   it’s a very traditional art Indian houses especially of decorating courtyards and walls.

Rangoli in the Courtyards