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Govardhan Puja (Annakoot) / Bali Prativpada:

October 30, 2008

It’s the fourth day of the celebration which is being celebrated in different ways in different part of India. In northen part of India Govardhan Puja festival is associated with a mythological legend in which Lord Krishna lifted the Mount Govardhan to protect the people & cattle of Gokul Village from the anger of Lord Indra.


The story behind this is “the people of Gokul used to worship Lord Indra for good monsoon season. But Lord Krishna told them to not to worship Lord Indra, as it were mountains which bring rains for them On Lord Krishna’s advice people stopped offering prayers to Lord Indra. This made Lord Indra very angry and in retaliation He flooded the entire village.


Then Lord Krishna lifted the Mt Govardhan to protect the farmers and their cattle.”Maharashtra state the same festival is celebrated as Padva or Bali Prativpada. Govardhan Puja is also known and celebrated as Annakoot that means the mountain of food.